About my Hexies 

I would love to trade with you! If you don't hex yourself, I'd be happy to trade my hexies for your bred Petz as well or other goodies. I'm a fan of all new orb friends :)

Trade Guidelines:

  • Feel free to change names/gender

  • You're also welcome to peek at my code and brex my hexies if you want to make changes! Just please give me credit and don't claim them as your original work. Like, be cool y'all B) Also definitely show me pics because I wanna see!

  • If you decide you no longer want one of my hexies please toss them back to PeachPup97@gmail.com

  • Just be nice to the babies please ;w;


And that's about it for now! I'll try and include this list in the petz profiles as well.

If you wanna trade, you can contact me through my about page or on RKC or Whiskerwick~


Slime friends! Currently they can't wear addball clothing because of the massive number of linez in this file, but otherwise I'm happy with these lads :)


day gecko

My first* hex! Comes in lime and pink lemonade (and other flavors if you want to help me think of some!)



My real first hex. 
STATUS: ??????????